Water Damage Restoration
Damage Restoration Services
Water damage is the most likely cause of damage to your property.
Damage can be caused by flood, fire, burst pipes, sewer backups, ice dams or rainstorms. According to The Chubb Corporation, 37% of all homeowners claim they have experienced losses due to water damage.
Quality Cleaning &Restoration is your all inclusive cleaning and restoration service for residential and commercial properties. 
·         Water extraction
·         Dehumidification
·         Remodeling
·         Painting
Professional Service with State of the Art Equipment
Quality Cleaning & Restoration will dry your affected areas quickly, effectively, leaving your property looking new again. Additionally, we use DriZone process, which is the least disruptive, fastest and most cost efficient drying method available.

Water Removal systems
Flood Damage Restoration
pumping out water from home
Cleaning up flooded house

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Structural Stability, Safety and Quality Control
The DriZone process encompasses the entire structure of the affected area.After the water is removed, we inspect the entire area thoroughly; evaluate the moisture in the air, structural properties, furnishings and contents.  Throughout the drying process, we record moisture levels and use psychometric calculations to evaluate the success of the drying plan. 
Health Considerations

Failure to take action in drying water damaged areas properly and thoroughly can cause unpleasant odors, potential secondary damage from mold and bacteria growth and damaged property. 
 Water Damage Restoration        Flood restoration              Water Damage Removal
This growth can be hazardous to everyone, especially people with allergies, illness or compromised immune systems.  Our standards of professionalism require us to dry the building to pre-loss condition so there is less chance of secondary damage
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